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Complete the circle with the only instructor in the area certified to teach Kali/Escrima, Pencak Silat, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, and Yang Taiji. Learn to develop the power of the Internal Martial Arts and how to apply this knowledge to modern combative art forms.



More than three decades of international experience with some of the world's greatest masters in the most effective styles out there has taught us a few things.

Our method is injury free, easy to learn, and driven by one factor – results!

Improve your health and fighting skills regardless of strength, age, and experience.

Things you will learn:

  • Yang Taiji

  • Nei Gong: internal power development.

  • Song Gong: loosening and relaxation.

  • How to apply the principles of the Internal Martial Arts to reality based drills rooted in the arts of Kali/Escrima, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, and Pencak Silat. Insuring what you’re learning can be applied and works! Maybe you’re only interested in the health benefits, but keep in mind, without a method to test your internal abilities you’re only fooling yourself about their development.

  • Accepting students 16 years and older.

  • Classes are casual and kept small in a private setting to insure you get the attention you deserve.



  Jason Culbertson    

Jason Culbertson


Early Years

Jason Culbertson began his martial arts training more than 30 years ago under the late Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai.

Since the early 90s he has been training in the Internal Martial Arts, mainly Yang Taiji, under Sifu Joseph Cavallaro.

Multi-Culture Martial Arts Academy

After graduating from NCSU with a B.A. in Philosophy Jason began his studies with former live in core disciple of Dan Inosanto and martial arts hall of famer, Guru Guy Chase.

Under Guru Chase Jason became a full instructor in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Inosanto LeCosta Kali/Escrima, Muay Thai, and Pencak Silat.

While studying with Guru Chase Jason also became an apprentice instructor in Professor Salem Assli’s Savate, Karl Gotch’s Catch Wrestling, and LucayLucay Panatukan.

Due to his connection with Guru Chase, Jason was fortunate to train regularly with the likes of the late Pendakar Herman Suwanda in Mande Muda Silat, Ben Largusa the late Grandmaster of the Villabrille Largusa Kali system, and former MMA fighter, coach and promoter Frederic Belleton.

Raleigh Martial Arts Academy

After Spending numerous years in Thailand continuing his Muay Thai training and spreading the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Kali/Escrima, Pencak Silat and Yang Taiji, Jason retuned to Raleigh NC and opened RMAA.

With more than 3 decades of international experience studying and teaching Martial Arts Jason offers a method that is injury free, easy to learn, and predicated solely on results!

By applying his knowledge of the Internal Martial Arts to the Combative Arts you learn how to safely improve your health and fighting skills regardless of strength, age, and experience.



Class Schedule and Fees at the  Raleigh Martial Arts Academy.


FREE Saturday Workshops   New to martial arts and looking for somewhere to get your feet wet? Perhaps you're a seasoned martial artist looking to add to the old toolbox. All levels welcome! Contact us for more details. 


Semi-Private Classes  $50/Hr.  No commitments, No Contracts! Design your own schedule around class times. Receive hands on instruction in a private setting. Never sharing your time with more than 3 other students.


Class Times 

Mon   6-7pm/7-8pm

Wed   6-7pm/7-8pm   

Private Lessons   $100/Hr.    $50/Half an hour   (Lessons are conducted in the privacy of your own home or a mutually agreeable location. Price and lesson can be shared with a friend.)

Participants must be at least 16 years of age.



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